Without access to safe, legal abortion,
"choice" is meaningless.

Women's Medical Fund provides direct financial assistance and other support to low-income women and girls in Southeastern Pennsylvania who wish to terminate a pregnancy but cannot afford a safe, legal abortion.

In addition to supplying direct aid to low-income women, WMF educates health care professionals about the use of Medicaid to fund abortion, and raises public awareness of the devastating impact of denying access to safe legal abortions.



Real Women, Real Stories

PT is the young mother of a toddler who receives $158 per month in welfare to supplement her monthly wages of $140. Unable to afford her own place, she pays $150 each month to rent a room from a friend. Although she uses Medicaid for her other health care needs, she is prohibited from using it for an abortion. She struggled to set aside $200 toward the cost of her abortion, but her drug-addicted sister stole the money from her purse. After the theft, she turned to her mother and friends to borrow money, and WMF closed the gap with a $96.To read more stories, click here



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