Women’s Medical Fund protects and expands access to abortion through direct service, advocacy and education.  

In 1976, Congress banned federal Medicaid coverage for abortion through the Hyde amendment. Then, in 1985, Pennsylvania prohibited state Medicaid coverage for abortion. Since then, WMF has provided funding to thousands of women and teens struggling to get by. For those enrolled in Medicaid, the out-of-pocket cost of an abortion – roughly $400 to $3,000 – can be insurmountable. To make matters worse, in the last five years, politicians have passed a variety of laws that make abortion further inaccessible.

WMF provides emergency financial support, counseling, and casework to low-income women and teens in Southeastern PA who have made the decision to terminate a pregnancy but do not have the resources to pay for a safe and effective abortion.

WMF educates and mobilizes supporters toward the long-term goal of lifting the insurance bans for abortion coverage for those most impacted - people of color, low-income people, and young people. We are a partner in the national campaign, All* Above All to lift the bans that deny coverage for low-income women.

WMF relies primarily on the support of individual donors to fulfill our mission.