Women’s Medical Fund provides emergency financial assistance to people who are struggling to make ends meet.

Recently, Women's Medical Fund helped those people:

Teodora* is a recent immigrant from Mexico and a mother of two. She earns an average of $800 per month cleaning houses but the work is inconsistent. Teodora is 40 years old and has no medical insurance. She was able to contribute some money, but was not successful at obtaining the entire cost of her abortion procedure. WMF contributed $50 to close the gap.

Beth* is a single mother. She is raising her two-year-old child in her mother’s home. Her mother receives welfare assistance, and Beth works at a discount store, and earns an income of only $400.00 a month. She was raped at a party at the time of conception. She doesn’t have any health insurance and was only able to pull together a small amount to go towards an abortion. WMF contributed $250, enabling Beth to access safe abortion care.

Desiree* is 40 years old. She has 2 children and one of them has special needs. She is receiving monthly welfare assistance of $632. She receives Medicaid, but she is prohibited from using it to pay for her abortion. WMF helped her with $105 so that she access the health care she needed.

Wanda* is a mother of two children. She is unemployed and unable to work due to a disability. She receives food stamps and disability income. Her total monthly cash income is $570. Wanda is insured by Medicaid, but is unable to use it to cover the cost of her abortion. WMF assisted Wanda by contributing $125, enabling Wanda to have safe abortion care.

Samira* has three children.She was recently hospitalized for anemia, is currently out of work and receives no income due to her illness. She is behind on her rent while she is in the process of filing for short-term disability. She was also in a violent relationship and had been raped by her partner. Although she had health coverage, the insurance deductible was higher than the cost of the abortion procedure. WMF contributed $375 so that she could make the decision best for her and her family.

*Names have been changed.